The Best Speakers, the Most Respected Speakers

We’ve been wondering about just who would be on a list of the top contenders for the Champion of the World in several categories of high-end audio equipment.

Contenders are either the products we know to be great and hearing them several times actually *sound* great, those that we suspect to be great, and those that are generally considered to be great.

Note that some of this has to do with fashion, and some has to do with popularity, and some to do with actual performance.

To put it simply, if you won the lottery today – what would you want to audition tomorrow?


Kharma Exquisite Grande, Midi Grande Exquisite and several others (rep, sound)

Marten Coltrane Supreme, Momento, Coltrane 2 (sound)

Audio Note (UK) Sogon and AN/E SEC Signature (sound,popular)

Focal Grande Utopia EM (rep)

Avantgarde Trio (popular)

Acapella Triolon and Campanile (sound)

Rockport Arrakis (rep)

Wilson Alexandria (rep)

Magico Q5 (rep)

MBL 101e (popular)

Avalon ISIS (sound)

Verity Lohengrin (sound)

YG Acoustics Anat (rep)

…popular means that people just really like them.

Others? Anybody? Remember they have to be recognized as a tip top performer by at least some percentage of audiophiles.

There are a TON of speakers out there. This is the longest list we have in this little virtual battle of the top components competition here.

If you want to nominate others, please leave a comment!