CES 2011 – Finale


Done with the photos and I hope people can see that:

1) There just were not a lot of contenders for best of show
2) Of those, many were using laptops as sources, which almost always severely compromises the sound quality of a system at this show
3) Of the remaining, many were just trying to attract attention and did not focus on the creating the best sound that they could.

So…. better than RMAF, sound wise, as usual, but not as good as previous CES’s…

I think I detected a more relaxed attitude about the defacto train-wreck that is high-end audio and the doom and gloom dire predictions of the future are now almost as quaint and boring as playing Diana Krall all day long.

All the people using laptops to demonstrate the sound of their equipment (as opposed to just demonstrating that it, in fact, works) are like car dealerships sending a sales associate with bad breath and B.O. along with every person taking a test drive. It ain’t helping your case, people.

Let’s see, what else….

Clueless show reports by 2nd and 3rd tier magazines are still all the rage [I’ll let them decide if they are 2nd or 3rd tier :-)]. Jeez I wish these people would get a different job – perhaps even a job they are actually good at? Hmmmm… maybe the next post should be about how to detect a clueless review?

One of these days we have to stop buying crazy audio gear for just a darn minute and get me a decent camera [Yeah right :-)].

I like Las Vegas a lot better when it is warm, say 70 degrees during the day. Maybe next year…?