CES 2011 Show Report

[Seriously, it is NOT 2011. Time can’t be passing this fast. Last time I checked my watch it was 2002. Oh. Yeah. I don’t have a watch anymore…]

Spintricity is still not going to be ready by CES [for you techies, it requires a port to Rails 3.x and / or a larger / different server, and some database optimizations wouldn’t hurt either]. So…

The RMAF 2010 approach worked pretty well, but there are a lot more new equipment shown at CES than RMAF, and a lot more statement level equipment – and I don’t want to miss any of it.

So the current plan is to visit every room, in the traditional fashion around here. Probably skipping the main conference center – or maybe just peeking in at the new 3D video stuff.

Since I have to visit every room anyway – making sure I do not miss anything interesting – I will go for taking one photo of the entire room for each room, with extra photos taken of things like the open chassis Lamm ML2.2. But the primary focus, like RMAF, is to focus on the more in-depth aspects of the sound of the best / most interesting rooms.


So… what to do with these photos. I’m bored with the old show report formats here on Audio Federation. I think we did about 14 that way. So I am thinking that I will post the photos here on the blog, one per room perhaps, and have a fancy way, a magnifying glass or something like Amazon, where we can click to see the photo in a larger size than the standard size here on the blog. NOT like Audiogon where they pop up a whole new window with the slightly larger photo that you gave to go and close later.


Not sure I will say ANYTHING about most rooms. Certainly not the marketing babble that other show reports excrete about every room being the Best Room Ever. And I got some friendly feedback that saying, more or less, ‘I don’t remember hearing anything remarkable here in this room’ was coming across as a wee bit negative. Besides, 200+ rooms is a lot to say things about – and in general we here are only really interested in the handful that really do something special anyway. 🙂