Announcement: Lamm ML2.2


ML2.2 single-ended power amplifier

ML2.2 single-ended power amplifier is a proud successor in a line of the ML2 series (the original ML2 and its replacement, ML2.1) and represents a new generation of single-ended power amplifiers with regulated power supply employing a unique high current low impedance power vacuum tube triodes 6C33C in both output stage and power supply. Implementation of these triodes allowed to create an output transformer with a very low turns ratio and, as a consequence, extended (as compared even to the most advanced modern vacuum tube amplifiers) frequency decade factor, as well as dramatically reduced leakage inductance. Chosen by the Design and Engineering Committee to receive the Innovations Award at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as the most innovative product of the year in the “specialty audio” category, the ML2 was a first single-ended amplifier on the market capable of reproducing a full range of audio frequencies and recreating the original spectral balance and harmonic structure of the recorded material with almost 100% accuracy. The designer’s unique vision and nuanced grasp of audio electronics has created an amplifier capable of capturing the essence of your favorite music like never before.

The ML2.2 proudly continues this tradition. Whereas both – the ML2 and the ML2.1 – were completed products perfectly capable of functioning to the full of their potential without upgrades or modifications, it became the designer’s drive to expand the limits of this topology and introduce some features of the ML3 Signature into the ML2.1 design.

The sonic result is a most seamless fusion of the ML2.1 and ML3 Signature that leaves the listener totally immersed in the music performance as well as pleasantly surprised at the palpable breathing presence of the music material. The ML2.2 is an amplifier that sonically is much closer to the ML3 Signature while pricewise is closer to the ML2.1. The meticulous build quality, high quality of parts and materials along with innovative topology make the ML2.2 a truly prized possession of any music lover.

The output stage with its high-current voltage regulator section grows out of that in the ML2.1 and implements certain changes that relate specifically to the use of most recently introduced parts of higher quality.
In contrast to the output stage, the input stage has been totally redesigned and is based on that of the ML3 Signature amplifier. This innovative front-end topology was incorporated because of specific characteristics of the output tube. It brought about a dramatic step forward in sound quality while keeping the cost within the price category of the ML2.1.

Single-ended tube amplification has the greatest potential of reproducing music with maximum fidelity to live sound. Because of several inherent limitations of the format, most SE tube amplifiers recreate a beautiful midrange but shortchange the low and upper frequencies. The ML2.2 overcomes these limiting factors to reproduce the thrilling sound of live music.

The ML2.2 along with the ML3 Signature are the only single-ended tube amplifiers that reproduce the entire spectrum in the audio frequency range. A midrange to die for supports a superbly natural and extended bass along with exquisite upper frequencies. The amplifier’s innovative circuitry allows one to hear the original spectral balance and harmonic structure of the recorded material without loosing the smallest of detail and nuance.

Another unmatched feature of the ML2.2 is the breathtaking, transparent, three-dimensional soundstage it throws seemingly without boundaries or limitations. The ML2.2 brings you a very natural and engaging sound.

Advanced technical solutions are used in the design of the ML2.2. Custom-made output transformer of very high quality and unique front-end and output stages, plus the sophisticated power supply, free the ML2.2 to drive most real-world-load speakers yielding effortlessly dynamic sound.

In a nutshell, the ML2.2 features the following upgrades and modifications as compared to the ML2.1:

• New power transformer
• Input stage totally redesigned and based on that of the ML3 Signature amplifier.
• Five filter chokes (compared to two in the ML2.1)
• Plate fuse holder located on top of the amplifier’s chassis for greater customer convenience
• Utilization of a much higher quality pc-board, and parts and materials that have become available in recent years
• Introduction of an option to turn the amp on/off remotely

Each ML2.2 is handcrafted of the finest materials and top quality parts like military-grade DALE metal-film resistors, PRC wire-wound resistors, CADDOCK power-film resistors, BOURNS multi-turn potentiometers, CORNELL DUBILIER and UNITED CHEMI-CON electrolytic capacitors, ELECTROCUBE and ROEDERSTEIN film capacitors, HAMMOND chokes, gold-plated NEUTRIC connectors, gold-plated binding posts, and military-grade low-noise long-life vacuum tubes.

The power and output transformers have no mechanical contact with either the transformer cover or the chassis; they’re suspended in a special encapsulant material that almost completely absorbs residual mechanical vibrations. This feature plays a significant role in assuring the unique clarity and micro resolution during sound reproduction.
Two multi-turn trimming potentiometers accessible through special openings in the amplifier’s chassis, along with two sets of test points, allow the user to adjust and measure the nominal value of plate voltage and plate current of the output tube by using an external voltmeter.
In conceiving and executing the overall design of the ML2.2, the goal was to utilize modern technology and processes while recreating a look reminiscent of the long-gone vacuum tube era.

The ML2.2 functions on around-the-world AC line voltages (100/120/220/230/240 V).

U.S. retail: $37,190/pair