Loricraft: Better, Quieter, Cheaper

Tone Publications reviewed the Loricraft in their latest issue, although their actual conclusion was more like “At Least As Good, Quieter, Cheaper” 🙂

Loricraft review

We meet the nicest people through the Loricraft. And now we’ve met Jeff Dorgay, who also seems quite nice, of Tone Magazine at RMAF – though every time he would say Hi! I would turn around to see who it was and BAMM he was already gone – like that Star Trek episode where some people are moving WAY faster than everybody else [though in actual fact it was me moving WAY slower than everybody else, which is, in fact, my goal, so I can concentrate on what I am hearing – and apparently I am quite good at this being slow stuff ;-)]

We plan on doing a lot more coverage of the Loricraft record cleaners. Different cleaning fluids and strategies, the efficacy of using forward and/or reverse, putting the Loricraft on HRS Nimbus and M3x platforms to further reduce vibration during cleaning…

… a whole BUNCH of fun things. Shootouts are a little difficult with cleaning machines, since every LP is different… but we’ll try!