Audio Note Gaku On at CES 2010

We’re taking the Gaku On amplifiers to CES. .

We have a ton of photos. Still will take another ton.

These are not our amps – but suffice it to say I ***WILL*** have these amps for my own, someday. They are just so much better than anything else… except, well, the Lamm ML3 are different. Suffice to to say I ***WILL*** own both someday.

And I usually, eventually, perhaps decades down the road, own everything I want. As do most people, really. It is figuring out what I want that takes for-ev-er. And then figuring out how to focus my efforts so that they are not wasted on silly things like food and vacations šŸ˜‰

Yes, a ton of photos. A little bit of confusion about where to post the photos. Here… yes, but they are so small. On Spintricity, it will look great, but if we are not careful, everything over there will be Audio Note – they make such a wide range [aka large number] of good looking equipment.

Maybe I’ll post it over on Luxury Review [a stealth zine where I can say what I want – and be the old exuberant me and then some], then convince Mattters to run it on their luxury channels.

Anyway, the quandary will soon end, one way or the other. Post CES we are going to rethink the publications a little bit. Well, first we will rest and sleep a lot. Then we will do a rethink.