Kind of almost finsihed with RMAF Show Report 2009

Should go back and add links to manufacturers for the first 75 rooms or so. Ugh.

1800 pages. Do I dread CES 2010? Yes I do [I’m sure I will feel better, and more forgetful and stupidly trigger happy, by the time it actually gets here. Always do]

Curious about what people think of the comment-free pictures in one place and the comments on the sound here, in another. The idea is to try this for a year or so. It will only work if we can get the manufacturers and exhibitors to participate more – and if enough time goes by and they are still not interested then we have lots and lots of other ideas. But at this point I think that this approach is a much truer ideal if we want to bring the show to all youze people who could not make it [and all those who attended but could not make it to each room].

The next issue will have a ‘Most Photogenic of RMAF’ where I will get to post my favorite photos in full-window wall-to-wall format.

We will also be covering the Vietnam Hiend Show 2009, and introducing another writer or two.