Photoshopping RMAF Photos

Finally done with preparing the photos for the final floor, floor 5.

Unlike some other show reports [professional photographers like Albert Porter work by making each shot they take perfect when they take it], I hand edit each photograph for lightness, sharpness, color, balance, and then it gets cropped and resized. Takes about 3 minutes per photo.

We do it this way because our photos are posted at a resolution at least 4 times that of other reports, and usually 9X and sometimes 16X. When photos are shunk down to such small sizes, any flaws are rendered more or less invisible. But we want you (and us!) to be able to read the labels on the controls, to see the quality of workmanship, to see the actual TRUE color of something, and all those other little details that matter to the out-of-control audiophile 🙂

Turns out that floor number 5 had the most photos, or would have had I not run out of memory cards and time.

There will be 2300 photos total (including the dailies, which puts the total down around 2150).

The breakdown is as follows:


1: 232 photos
mezzanine: 149 photos
2: 150 photos
4: 459 photos
5: 438 photos
9: 205 photos
10: 277 photos
11: 288 photos

The total looks like 136 rooms + Sanders + 2 at the end of floor five + booths.

I spent about 1/2 my time at this show in our room [9030] as an exhibitor. Usually I spend about 2/3 of my time in the room, but this year I wanted to do more in-depth coverage of RMAF than we have been able to do in the past.