And…….. were off!

We’re leaving for CES in a few hours…

When thinking about how best to cover this particular show, and not *appear* to be so mean about it [Who knew people really do like adverbs in their reviews. So now we know. And I was never mean – just factual – but that means so very little to people who Do Not Want To Hear It (and the rest who use their minds to hear what they think they should be hearing based on their limited, spotty, sparse, farcical and unbalanced knowledge of the technology being used. And I’m ignoring those to whom things sound best when $$$ advertising budgets and fine scotch malt whiskey are in play. Yes, let’s ignore them as much as possible.) OK. Got it out of my system. Ahhhh…. feel better now. Thanks.],

so, uh, I think about requesting if exhibitors could…

… give me a very short quote to put up on their room photos. You know like “our quadruple bypass triode architecture allows us to achieve hallucinogenic effects in 90% of our listeners in under 2.2 seconds” [who cares about the price, I want one of *these* :-)]

… put their room number on their literature so I can match them up later after visiting 200 rooms [with a lot of walking in between – this is really a marathon but in slooooow-mo] in 4 days

… let me know what they want featured most of all

Because each room gets it own ‘article’ in the show report. That is, between 1 and, say 20 pages of full-impact-page photos. With large text that will highlight the main features of the system – and small text that describes the experience and overall system flavor.

And we have [multiple] technologies that will now both make the text readable but not obscure the photos in any meaningful way.

Anybody else have any ideas?

How abut you Exhibitors?

And you Audiophiles?

Lurkers? Naw, you just like to lurk. That’s fine but these other folks….

High-grade Home Audio Porn addicts? I know you are out there, and I, of course, have been public with my addiction for lo these many years….