Wilson Audio's new Thor's Hammer Subwoofer

We snapped a few photos of the new Thor’s Hammer subwoofer before we saw the Alexandrias sitting nearby.

This sub stands about, oh, 5 feet tall? These days I am more a fan of self-powered subs, and Wilson makes a great one of those too, along with Krell, Kharma, et. al. , but still, if you have a an extra solidstate amp sitting around that is not much good at music – they might be just fine at driving one of these.

Great name for a subwoofer, don’t you think? Hmmmmm… lots of subwoofers have great names – Wamm, WHOW, WatchDog [hmm… maybe not so good], Depth Charge , EarthQuake, … – I wonder why it is that they seem so much easier to name than the main speakers? Having a hard time trying to think of ONE good name of a loudspeaker out there….

Thor’s Hammer looks a lot like the old Wilson XS Subwoofer

Seriously front ported.

Nothing in back but a pair of binding posts…

And the insignia.