Denver CEDIA 2007 Day 3 Photos

[Still no Comcastic. It seems the Comcast Confusion is now abating and they now know there is a problem are working on fixing our little neighborhood’s connectivity. When we do get it back, we’ll upload all the big juicy photos. We took almost 700 photos.

The Ongaku, Kharma, Meitner system is OK. One more system to go – unfortunately we suspect that that the Brinkmann Balance turntable may have suffered physical damage as the light switch git blown out the wall and ricocheted off of the platter and ended up 25 feet away in front of the Kharmas. Beezarre huh?. We are insured out the wazoo, as they say, so we are really OK, even if thunder now causes Mike to scoot back away from the windows as far as possible, typing with arms stretched out to the max :-)]

Saturday was not very busy. The booth people were much more eager to talk to us (anyone!), which is a good thing and bad thing. They have all been friendly this year – though actually asking them questions sometimes reveals them to be kinda clueless (Sony). Maybe we should have started the conversation with ‘We know how to use a browser’ so they don’t just rattle off info that we can easily find on the web.

We probbbly won’t go back Sunday for the last day. We’ve kind of seen everything, several times.

There must have been some kind of survey that indicated that ordinary Mary and Joes think speakers are unattractive – because there were a lot of booths talking about hiding speakers. Here we see Sony and one of their solutions. 450watts split between 5.2 channels, < 10% THD.
Krell’s new Martenesque Duke Ellington-ish Modulari Duo speaker.

The front of the Talon ‘Hawk, Thunder’ loudspeaker

The rear of the Talon speaker showing how one connects to the other.

An outdoor speaker that can handle being a little (a LOT) wet. Sounded pretty gurgley to me. 🙂 Or is that gargley?

In the Stewart booth, they had a bar with live video – in this case embedded in the actual bar, underneath our drinks. It seemed really cool, and natural, to me. Guess the cost of LCDs and projector technology is getting low enough for all sorts of ‘why didn’t I think of that’ innovations.

Marantz was one of the worst sounds at the show. That is really saying something, too, at THIS show. Again, Totem was sounding fairly good, not just because they don’t suck, but because their booth setup allowed them to screen out a lot of their neighbors noise. Still no picture for the blog, oops.

The Technician Olympics – The AMP THROW competition. Really. Maybe we should start one of these at RMAF? Who wants to donate a couple of amps? Maybe we should have a amp LIFTING competion first?

The new Sony VPL-VW60 $5K 1080p projector, replacement for the VW50.

The big PHC horn speaker. Now THIS can produce dynamic swings and transients – as PHC demonstrated over at T.H.E. Show. The resolution of the mids and highs? Well,….