We're Baaaaack

We just got back from CES. Took awhile…

Got back Monday night and got to shovel a shovel’s width path through the some 2 foot drifts of this kind of snow-ice mixture that was lots of fun so that we could get up the steps. 🙂

Last Friday, whem we were supposed to drive home, our usual travel route was snow packed, with snowing and blowing snow with anticipated very slow going with a topping of lots of white knuckles.

So we took the southern route througb Flagstaff.

Well, that didn’t work out either – we ran right away into blowing snow at 3000 ft, …. and Flagstaff is at 7500 or so.

So we took the REALLY Southern route, through Phoenix, Tucson, up through Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It was cold down there too (40’s during the day) but at least it wasn’t snowing.

We timed it just right, the way being relatively dry all the way home.

Unfortunately, we had to be back by tomorrow, Tuesday, to receive the few things we shipped from CES. Otherwise, we might have been tempted to spend the Winter in the sunshine… and say the heck with this white fluffy stuff. Hrrrumph.

At times it felt like “Argh! Another storm cloud! Farther South, James! South!”

During all this traveling I did get qutie a bit of time to work in the show report – mostly at night- but just the descriptions though, as the laptop is a little slow at image processing on the scale of a full-blown show report.