Stereophile's comments on our room

Not sure if everybody saw this, but Jason Victor Serinus, who wrote the show report for the Stereophile Blog this year, said some very nice things about the sound in our room:

Stereophile’s comments on our room at RMAF 2006

Leif in front of his Coltrane Supreme loudspeakers

Funny, during some of the time that Jason was listening to the system I was talking to Albert Porter about cameras. Albert is a photographer and thinks nothing of spending big bucks for cameras whereas I agonize over spending $1200 bucks (and get looks from my most significant one like I was crazy for spending that kind of money 🙂 ).

Anyway, we effectively got kicked out of the room because we were making too much noise (which we were – apologies to everyone – but I was spacing out being so intent on trying to pick Albert’s brain because over the years as I get better at photographing hardware, the better his photos look in comparison to mine – I know, kind of backwards, but it is true).

I guess that is one of things about shows – it is both a social event and a listening event – and the two are really quite incompatible.

Anyway, we just want to thank Jason for his nice report.