CEDIA EXPO 2006, CEDIA 2007, CEDIA 2008

We just learned that CEDIA 2007 and 2008 will be in Denver as well as was 2006. Wow – for some reason we just assumed that CEDIA would be traveling to another city next year like it always does…

So, expect a show report from us again next year. I noticed engadget.com is now starting to post larger pictures… but no one posts show reports like we do. They are a little hard on the computer and network, but easy on the eyes 🙂

We posted a number of links to our show report in various forums:

AVS Forum in the Ultra $20,000+ section and Home Theater Forum in their special CEDIA section people seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

On Audio Asylum no one seemed interested. On Home Theater Spot they deleted my chatty post and banned my login from the forum. No accounting for taste, I guess.

We had a good time at the show. Looking forward to next year, in fact. Just like audio shows, the demonstrations are way better than what you can get at your typical dealership.

Neli did run into someone with 2-channel envy at the ReQuest booth. After telling the guy what we did for a living, he apparently went on and on about CD-changers this and dead-SACD that… so much so that Neli just had to walk away without getting to ask any questions about their music servers. Yeah, we also think ultra high-end 2-channel audio is more fun than selling turnkey-software boxes that are running head-first into the free-open-source software-on-linux (and begrudgingly Windows) movement …. no matter how much people try to convince us (and themselves) that it aint so 😉

Anyway, one thinmg that the show has done is infected us with a desire to upgrade our video here at AF. And even more, to set up a HT system where the sound doesn’t impinge on the enjoyment of the movie – in fact, it may even ENHANCE the enjoyment! [ironically enough, huh?].