Zu Audio's opening night party at HE 2006

5 pairs of modified Zu Audio ‘Druid’ loudspeakers. Filled the room up completely with sound and vibes.

I like techno music (and it various offshoots that some people are insistant sound way different from each other). A lot.

So I thought this was great fun. I only got to spend an hour or so here, and Neli was off trying to get into trouble and drinking too much Saki 🙂

The room was hard to estimate, but at least 100 feet (30 meters) square.

If you like the Zu speaker sound you would have loved this event. In absolute terms, the bass was not the tight, tight bass usually associated with techno, there being an overhang and perhaps some resonance. There was also a little too much energy at a thin band in the upper mids – which hardly ever called attention to itself.

At around 11:30 the music started to loosen up and get into my head like it is supposed to – perhaps DJ Ming getting used to the fact a lot of the showgoers seemed to be at the Dodgers game or somethin’ – or maybe these things just don’t get going until after this fogey goes to bed, the show lasted until 2:00am