Audio Federation presents Rate My Hi-Fi

I thought a site like this would be fun, and have owned the domain name for awhile now.

And, well, finally got around to setting it up.

Rate My Hi-Fi Stereo Photos

You can get to it from our home page at Audio Federation or by going to

This will both be a place to collect our best-of-the-best photos from shows and those taken of components from our own showrooms floors…

… and PRIMARILY a place for folks to post their photos.

Not just of their systems, but their amps, LP collections, listening chairs… all sorts of stuff. [Hey, I am always looking for great listening chairs… a VERY important part of the listening experience if you ask me 🙂 ]

We see people post so many photos on the net that come and go. Great photos. Photos that make one really appreciate that ALL components, no matter the price, can look awfully delicious to the hungry audiophile…

It doesn’t necessarily have to be components that you own now, or that you ever owned yourself, or, who knows, maybe nobody ever owned one!

We just want photos: cool, strange, fascinating, kooky, awesome, sleek, kludgey, new, old, beatup, or spiffy photos.

[We’ve put a few pics up, and will put up losts more over time, especially in the Show and Conferences Photos category – but right now we have our photo processing engines resting a little in preperation for the upcoming giant photo storm…. aka HE 2006.]

Because of the current SPAM storms, and also so the software knows whose name to put under the photos, people need to register before they upload or comment on pictures.

If this becomes too much of a pain for people we can modify the software to be even smarter… But the software will never be smarter than its programmers – and so please don’t expect too much 🙂

Anyway, hope y’all like!