The VTV Small High-end Audio Show

TRELJA did a great show report for the VTV Show last week in New Jersey:

TRELJA almost In New York, 2006

I always like Trelja’s show reports even though after reading them for a number of years I find I disagree with what he hears as often as not (we go to a lot of the same shows) – he at least says what he likes and doesn’t like and tries to explain why.

Anyway, we didn’t make it to this show and we really appreciate reading about what was there and what was not there. Well, we knew Audio Note was there because we carry Audio Note U.K., but really had no idea what else was going on – like the fact that there were about 20 rooms this year. There were about 60 in FSI 2006 in Montreal, about a 100 at RMAF 2005 in Denver, about 200-300 at CES 2006 in Las Vegas, and we expect about 70-80 at HE 2006 in Los Angeles.

Kind of helps to put things in perspective, size wise, by counting the number of hotel rooms occupied by exhibitors at the shows – although Montreal had a lot more stuff on static display (i.e. not plugged in) than is typical of the other shows, which should count towards overall size as well.