Stereophile's 2006 Home Entertainment Show Audio Federation Discount

Stereophile has graciously offered our readers a $5 off deal on tickets to the HE 2006 show. To save the 5 bucks, go to Home Entertainment 2006 to register and enter the super secret passcode “audiofederation” when you sign up for tickets online.

Photoshop'd super-sized and a little melted HE 2006 logo

While checking out the location of the hotel, it appears to be right next to the airport…

PRO: We will be able to get to the hotel, from the airport, in finite time, i.e. before the show is supposed to be over

CON: The cultural amenities near most airports is necessarily, uh, minimal.

PRO: We will likely be able to locate the hotel just fine, even in the midst of one of the biggest cities in the world

CON: Depending on wind direction, it will either smell of airplane exhaust or we will hear the music only between airliner take offs (Hey! Shades of Alexis Park at CES in Las Vegas, may she rest in peace).

OK, I exaggerate.

I think.

Just being a small town boy, myself, these big cities are both more intimidating and more exciting than they are for many people who are more used to them.