Stereophile's Home Entertainment Show 2006

[Stereophile has graciously offered our readers a $5 off deal on tickets to the HE 2006 show. To save the 5 bucks, go to Home Entertainment 2006 to register and enter the super secret passcode “audiofederation” when you sign up for tickets online. ]

Well, it looks like Audio Federation is scheduled to attend the Stereophile Show in L.A. in June. [yes, now that we’ve started to speak of ourselves in the third person – we KNOW we’ve made the big time 🙂 ]

HE2006 logo

“I hope it doesn’t suck.”

OK, I just had to get that out of the way. 🙂

Stereophile shows are pretty consistant from one to the other. So I think we all know what to expect. [Details? You want details? OK. As a consumer oriented show there are the local dealers who bring in their best stuff and from what I can tell make it sound way better than it does in their showrooms, but that few dealers have either the product lines or the skill or the patience to make these systems really sound great. The manufacturers and distributors who do attend tend to not bring their top-of-the-line stuff because it is a consumer show, and not all consumers are millionaires – which is really kind of too bad from our perspective and we wish the govt. would get back to work on the economy and remedy this, toot sweet].

Another HE2006 logo
And as for locale, nothing against L.A. per se, but NYC and San Francisco, previous venues for HE shows, certainly have more glam and more culture from this small town boy’s perspective.

We are still working on the structure of the reports, trying to get to that Ultimate Format. Both the Montreal style and the CES style have some things in their favor. As is typical in my experience, the solution probably involves even more work: perhaps a long flowing textual report [like putting the Montreal Commentaries into one long commnetary, and commenting on every room, and having bookmarkable links to each rooms commentary in this big, long report – kind of like CES but with fewer photos] along with a room by room photo montage, each room on a separate webpage, like Montreal’s room-by-room photo pages.

Hmmmm… was that confusing?

Anyway, nothing is set in bits and bytes until the day after the show, so…. so you’ll have to stay clicked in to see what really happens! [And if you have an opinion about all this one way or the other, or perhaps for something complety different, please let us know].

Dr. John announcment
Hey, Dr. John is supposed to play there! Let’s see, uploading the days’s best photos or seeing Dr. John play? Uh oh.

Though, you know, I haven’t bought a Dr. John album for over 20 years…wonder what he sounds like these days? OK, bye for now, its off to Amazon and who knows where to see what he is up to these last few decades….