Jorma Design 'Prime' interconnect

Patience they say, is its own reward.

Well… this is a nice reward. 🙂

Some photos…

Jorma Design's Prime RCA intrerconnect

Jorma Design's Prime RCA intrerconnect

Initial impressions?

Today the Prime replaced the Stealth INDRA interconnects in order to hear just what the interconnects can do – this is the way that we often audition interconnects. All interconnects up to this point have taken a back seat to the INDRA…

Until now.

A funny thing happens with audio gear. Like the Audio Note CDT-3, and now these cables (and, of course, the INDRA themselves), and to some degree all gear, what arrives as an inanimate, cold, dead, technological curiosity comes alive and gets this glow around it as one learns to appreciate more and more what the piece does – how it is enriching one’s life and those who hear it. It goes from being valuable in a monetary sense to valuable in a life-sustaining sense. It is food, that tastes goooooood.

OK. Initial impressions in comparion to the INDRA:

PROS: More authority, lots more separation, lots more presence, deeper soundstage, a little more bass, more suspense, more resolution.

Also… it has more beauty – the inherent beauty of the music comes through better. This is not richness of tone or dynamics or anything like that. Some of this has to do with the musical rightness of riffs playing off of and against and into another. Not too clear right now what else is happening – hopefully will get more insight as time goes on here.

CONS: None [Yeah. Right. This is Audio Federation. The picky people. There are always cons.] except the midrange being a tiny bit leaner than the INDRA, and similarly the midrange is experiencing a little more compression as well.

Funny, we were told to expect these two symptoms as part of the cable settling-in process [ Even funnier, we NEVER believe stuff like this that people tell us, about how something is going to sound. But sometimes, they are right. Too cloudy here – it is snowing – to see if there is a blue moon outside or not.] Well, experiencing them we are. These anomalies are also supposed to go away in a few hours to a day or so – and they are diminishing after only two hours…


Speaking of tomorrow, the plan is that the Jorma Prime speaker cables will replace the Jorma No .1 speaker cables and the system will be almost completly Jorma Prime.

‘Till then, then.