Jorma Design 'Prime' cables

The Jorma Design Prime on the Coltrane Supreme speaker

Well, it looks like Robert Levi over at Positive Feedback gave Jorma Design’s Prime, their statement cables, a rave review. [But he didn’t put the Jorma Design No. 1 cable in with the group of the best of the $2000 to $4000 cable group. For shame. It belongs near, if not at, the top of that list. Actually, the order in that list is a little strange… Oh, but on to the real topic of this entry:]

We sell the Jorma Prime cables, but they are new this year and we cannot talk about them until we really understand what they do.

We heard these at CES in the Swedish Statement room (on the Marten Design Coltrane Supreme speakers) and we certainly liked the sound of that system – so we know they don’t totally suck (note: the term ‘suck’ is not audiophile approved).

But to understand the sound of the cables themselves we would have to listen to them here at Audio Federation.

And we are! I mean will. They are supposed to be here today, or hopefully tomorrow. Exact same cables and everything. So, we will hear what we will hear.

As always with these Expensive things, one always hopes that they live up to their price (or really, one hopes on the one hand and fears on the other 🙂 )

Let’s see, can we afford to love them, given that we are now getting the Coltrane Supreme loudspeaker?


Do we (i.e. me, Neli ain’t here) have the will power to not open the box when they come?

To not put them on the main system, replacing the Stealth INDRA interconnect and Jorma Design No. 1 speaker cables?

Uh oh.