A Kinder, Gentler Show Report

Neli thinks that maybe we should be going for a kindler, gentler show report. This from someone who wanted me to give out Q-Tip awards to rooms that needed, uh, some more time to work on their system.

What does this mean exactly? It is not like I can just not say what I heard.

Otherwise, what is the point? Just to type “Everthing sounds great” 100 different ways? Oh, and a bunch of prices and product announements? I. Don’t. Think. So.

She says “No more ‘Terrible'”.

How about ‘Icepick in the ear?”, says I.

“No”, she says.

“Ear bleeding?”


“Finger nails on chalkboard?”

“You’re kidding, right?”, she says, annoyed with me and my intentionally slow witted ways, as usual.

So, before we publish our next report, we will perhaps have to post a little dictionary, or table, that goes something like this:

Terrible -> Having severe difficulties

Icepick in the ear-> Tons and tons and tons of energy in the treble region

Ear Bleeding->Unable to play at high SPLs in this room that was always played at high SPLs

Finger nails on chalk board-> High-fidelity Headache Helper? No? OK, this one needs work.

I guess they all need work.

But seriously, it will be interestng to see if something like ‘difficult to recognize our favorite songs on this system due to unusual behavoir with respect to the dynamic and frequency note envelopes as well as a somewhat Himalayan-like frequency response” is interpreted as easily as is the almost universally understood: “It Sucked”.