Not so 'Mini' Exquisites

Listening room 3 with the Kharma Mini Exquisites

We are always a little nervous.

We hear something at a show or two – we are very confident we undertand the sound of this something. We even write a glowing review of the sound – because we really liked what we heard.

We have loved the Kharma sound for years, and championed them for years to everyone that we thought would really enjoy them, even though we did not carry them in our store. Yep, some people think we are nuts. Whatever. We just love this stuff. Anyway…

Then we get the chance to put our money where our pen is. OK, yes. Yes please.

But one never knows for sure, for really sure, until it is in the room, hooked to the amps, using the cables and playing the music whether that something will sound as good as expected.

Well, …

We are SO happy.

Listening room 3 with the Kharma Mini Exquisites
These little guys are a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Sweet, Emotional, Enjoyable, Real and Magical.

They are even sounding a little impressive. These little guys? Impressive?

Listening room 3 with the Kharma Mini Exquisites
And this is right out of the box. I mean crates.

We (I :-)) turned it up louder than the spanking brand new speakers wanted to go, while trying to keep SPLs below the point where the room gets overloaded. Even unbroken in, the stiffness and brittleness had a positive, enjoyable, dare I say it, adrenaline-inducing impressive character to it.

We put them on the Lamm ML1.1 monoblocks (also cold) and the Audio Aero Capitole MK II (also cold) with Nordost Tyr speaker cable, Valhalla interconnects and Valhalla power cords on the amps, Shunyata Anaconda Alpha power cord on the Capitole.

It seems to be a pretty good match so far. [Yes, to everyone who has been asking, we will indeed put them on the Lamm ML2.1 very soon now 🙂 The ML1.1 amps just happened to be sitting there and I think we should put at least a few hours on the Mini with these larger amps. And the ML2.1 on the Marten Design Coltranes is really taking the feet out from underneath everyone who hears it – literally]