Show report Corrections and Commentary

Please, everyone, show goers as well as exhibitors, you are welcome to submit your room equipment details and whatever other comments along with the Photo ID number of the picture the comments are associated with. Either post it to the blog or email us directly. Some exhbitors have helped us out with equipment details in previous reports and we are happy to post equipment lists. Commentary in the past has only been Neli’s and mine… but we are willing to try something new (other people’s comments will be clearly marked).

To determine a photo ID number right click on the picture(s) of the room’s picture in Internet Explorer and select Properties from the menu. The photo ID number is the “IMG_xxxx” number at the end of the Adress (URL).

Our show reports focus on sound and pictures. The names of equipment and their prices is of lessor priority to us (we consider it to be more or less brochureware) – but many of our guests do enjoy that stuff too.