More on Saturday at FSI 2006

Yesterday I used the 50mm f1.4 lens for shooting for most of the day. It is a pain to have to stand accorss the room to take pictures with the thing – but when a picture is taken with it, correctly I mean, it is amazingly sharp and just stands out of the monitor like it was ‘real’ or something.

A good number of those 50mm pictures were a little too dark – I am still learning to use that lens (well, the camera too. I really am an avid audiophile with the desire to take pictures of what I think is really cool and beautful – but little skill at this point). But some look pretty good…

Spent too much time at diner at the La Baguette D’ivoire ‘Fine Asian Cuisine’ about 5 blocks from the hotel. Very good mix of Thai and Vietnamese and Chinese. Yummy. No website, (514) 932-7099.

Got back at midnight and had time to process and put up only a few new pictures on Day Two’s dailies. Try to put some more up now….