Montreal Day Two

It was much busier here yesterday. By 11:00 am you had to wait to get into most (90%)rooms, waiting until the next swell of pople left and you can swqueez in,to slowly move your way to the top as more people left.

For the impatient this doesn’t work very well. You really have to pick and chose a room(s) you want to hear and ‘stake them out’ – spending the time to nab that center seat in the sweet spot.

The sound of most rooms has settle down to what it is going to be (except for the rooms where they plan on switching speakers – for examle I was tld that one of the larger rooms will switch the Rockports in for the Avalon Eidolon Viision speakers).

THAT room, …had difficulties, apparently trying to make Avaon sound ‘Impressive’ b rnning them with a BIG VTL amp, and amp whch IMHO has no purpose but to put out large amounts of power, incapable of handliing microdynamics, or more than a few notes at a time for that matter – so the overall effect is one of a ‘compressed and muddled shouting of music’. These people carry excellent product lines – wish they had used a different amp here. These are great speakers – and I guess it is good to know just how bad they CAN sound.

The BIG all McIntosh room, with the lovely big amps and towering linearray speakers, also had difficulties. Tonality is way off here and over there, dynamics are uneven, most notes are starting early or late, and ending in simlar dissarry. Sounded MUUUUCH better in LAs Vegas on the big Dali Megalie speakers.

The other two big rooms downstairs we dissagree on. Neli is more forgivving of he faults of the Jadis-driven Pierre Gabrial speakers room, and I of the Sim Audio Moon-driven Dynaudio room. So more later on this maritial disagreement we we return to iron out this discrepency in good judgement on her part… 🙂