Montreal Day One

Got to hear and take pictures of most of the rooms today. I think we missed about two rooms per floor – mostly because they were too crowded to get into right then. Quite heavy traffic for the first day, seems to me.

The day started at 10:00 am and finished at 9:00pm, but we were pooped at 7:00pm and decided to go eat. Tonight we walked over (no huffing this time, it was only 3 blocks) to Cuisine Indienne. If you like Indian food, this is an excellent restaurant – we have had Indian food at literally 100s of places across the country. Not spicey, unfortunately, but very good.

The sound today was pretty good, but most systems were still just warming up. My expectation now is that there will be a number of ‘good’ sounding systems, but nothing ground breaking or magical.

Key points from the first day’s ‘dailies’: It sounds like the Fidelio people really know how to set up a great show system. The Berning amps can really drive difficult speakers. Little Cabasse speakers seem to be quite good. The Vivid Audio speakers are yet another speaker to join (well, join is not the right word, but it is late) the ranks of speakers that have very, very little box coloration that I can hear.

Sleep. Uh… After the city police and fireengine sirens calm down yet again….Sleep