"As Good as SACD *CAN* Sound

The dCS P8i Player.”

So says the cover of the Stereophile magazine that came today.

Now, when they said the Halcro was ‘The Best Amp Ever’, that ‘could’ have been true. At some instant during the review process, the Halcro ‘could’ have been the best amp ever built. It is at least in the realm of possiblity, whatever the probability of it being true is, it ‘could’ have been the best.

But his month’s cover is patently false. Unless someone can tell me how else to parse what they said, the only way it can possibly be true, is:

That the dCS player is not only better than its more expensive siblings and all the other players that curently exist in the universe (well, on planet Earth anyway), but also:

1) There is an asteroid headed our way and we have days, if not hours to live – so there will be no more engineering of better players in the future, because there IS no future.

2) That Bart Simpson, or some other savvy folk, have been found with an ironclad patent on SACD and they will sue for $100 Billion anyone who improves or develops any SACD player for whatever purpose

3) That same asteroid misses the Earth but causes a loud boom, so loud that not only is everyone everywhere now deaf, but all sucessive generations are also deaf.

4) HD-DVD and /or Blueray are found to sound so much better, and to be so much easier and less expensive to build players for that all high-end manufacturers and modders IMMEDIATELY cease development on SACD and swtich to the newer better formats

5) All Emm Labs and Audio Aero and other SACD player manufacturers and the owners of their players take every player and the player’s schematics outside and heap them in a very expensive pile and set it alight, swearing ‘Never More!’.

Hopefully we will be able to add more plausible speculations to the list over time… šŸ˜‰

Well, I hope they know something I don’t and they did an exaustive survey and it is #4 above that permitted them to say such a thing.