Behind the Scenes Here at Audio Federation

A number of things are going on here behind the scenes.

The last month was one of our best months ever . Thank you, everybody, very much. We apprecitate your business and support.

We also anticipate being able to announce a major addition or two here any time now. Yes, it may involve speakers.

And the website, hopefully our internet guests (you!) enjoy our presentation of an audiophile’s-ear-view and audiophile’s-eye-view of ‘high technology in service of the music lover’. And hopefully it helps make worthy buying decisions.

We use a multidisciplinary approach using high quality digital photography guided by a couple of very passionate audiophiles (aka us), decades of professional software and HCI design research, combined with the near ubiquity of relatively high-bandwidth connectivity and relatively inexpensive large computer monitors.

The Audio Federation Home page
The Audio Federation Home page on the new DELL 30007 FPW 30″ monitor.

A tremendous amount of effort is expended to make our webpages load as fast as possible, while keeping the quality of the site and content, and the resolution and size of the photos, at, hopefully, Oh-My-Gawd levels.

To this end we continue to update the website, adding gallery pages for many of the lines we carry (and some that we don’t), expanding the high-gloss Catalog, enhancing the magazine-style Price Lists, and growing the Recommended Systems review pages. It is not as good as actually hearing what something sounds like, but at least we will get to show you what it really looks like in addition to, succinctly, describing what it really sounds like.

Well, we try hard, anyway.

The Audio Federation Recommended Systems page
The Audio Federation Recommended Systems Page on the DELL 30″ monitor.