Updating the Look and Feel of our Price Lists

Not sure how many people realize it, but we are one of the few dealers who put the prices of everything up on our website (whenever our supplier permits it). I know I always like to know the price of something BEFORE I call about what I think is a $500 thing only to learn it is a $5000 thing and am going to have to save up a few months to get it.

We still have the monolithic price list, and it will be here for a little while still.

But we have added another price list section, with one web page per product line, with little thumbnail pictures (so far, only Edge, Audio Aero, HRS and Marten have pictures) for each product and links to other parts of our site where there is more information. This will be the lower bandwith approach of the three views we are building:

* The old ‘product page’ for each product line accessible from the Products page and now the Site Map

* The new glossy Catalog pages (under development)

* The Price List pages (still being flessed out)

We hope these various views that each celebrate the excellence of the prouduct lines we carry in a different way will help people enjoy the site even more than before.