Audiophile's Guide is More or Less Updated

The Power Cords page is still in woeful need of having a half-dozen power cords added to is list – there are a lot of new very-high-end power cords out there.

The CD Player, Amplifier and Preamplifier pages all now use the same purpose-directed approach as the speaker page does.

The CD Player page might be a little controversial – there are a lot of players that just seem to be competent, but are not otherwise special. ‘Workhorses’ as we call them. Maybe we should rename the ‘Workhorse’ category to something else – but as of now we cannot think of a better name.

This table also clarifies our perspective on the Esoteric et. al. versus the Meitner discussions. Yes, the top end Esoteric may have more detail and tighter bass – but we think the Meitner is QUALitatively better than the Esoteric.

In general, the equipment with the best quantitative performance and/or measurements does not always provide the most magical listening experiences, in our experience. One would think that the memory of the decades of the quantitatively better solid-state versus tube amplifiers debacle or even the quantitatively better CDs versus LPs travesty would be fresh in people minds… but guess not.