Re-recorded the Speakers Page in the Audiophiles Guide

… to the Galaxy.

The Martin Coltrane loudspeaker

I think the new page more accurately reflects the general types of sounds people are searching for when they choose and/or like a speaker’s sound.

Our personal penchant has been moving from emotional to real to, now, magical and during this move the number of recommended speakers kept dwindling in numbers. The new table no longer recommends speakers, per se, but hopefully helps a person decide what kind of sound they are interested in and then provides some of the best (oops, there is that word again) examples of the state-of-the-art speakers that produce that type of sound.

Most people who are not hardcore (aka crazy, nuts, obsessive, … need we say more?) want an impressive speaker – and as one can see from the table, most popular speakers are impressive… and unfortunately they have little else going for them.

The speakers that can do multiple things, like communicating emotion and produce a convincingly real presentation, as well as being impressive at the right times, would seem to me to be speakers that both women and men might like as well as providing enough depth and sophisitication to allow their owner’s love of music to grow deeper and wider over the years.