The MBL section was unclear and could be misinterpreted [at least, it was by Neli, but she is my wife, it is her job to missinterpret everything her husband says. But upon re-reading the section when awake, I decided, of my own free will, to improve it a minor amount :-]

The section realy addresses the ideas I have been thinking about how to get others involved in this hobby – and I have a tendency to use shorthand ‘key phrases’ which I know what I mean by but nobody else will, so…. I think it is better and clearer now. I hope.

Neli added significant content to the Cogent True-to-life horn, the Alexis Park ‘Continuum room’, the Acapella Violon room and the Globe Audio Marketing (Audio Aero) room and a number of other sections I can’t keep track of it all anymore: In a few days when google goes through the report search for “Neli says:”.