OK, we could / should really get some custom HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems… now you know why everybody abbreviates their name :-)) amp stands for the big 220(!) lb EDGE NL Reference ‘pyramid’ amplifiers… But we got these really cool Rix Rax Outpost amp stands and we want to use them. The problem is the Outputs do not have all that much intrinsic vibration control (none except for spikes and the nearly 2 inch think maple tops).

What to do, what to do.

Kind of by accident, we tried putting HRS Nimbus Coupler’s underneath the Ref’s feet at the RMAF 2005 show – and lo and behold it helped even out the frequency response in the hotel room very nicely. In that situation the Ref’s were on the carpet because we did not bring down the big amp stands to the show – there is only so much room, you know, in a minivan and station wagon – when you’re full, your’re full.

So, the inspiration struck once more and we decided to try them again, only this time with the Nimbus Spacers too (we did not bring the Spacers with us to the show… why, because at the time we couldn’t find them.

OK, OK, everybody raise their hand who has so much audio… equipment and tweaks… that half the time they can’t find what they are looking for when they need it. Thought so.

HRS Nimbus
Here we see two Nimbus Coupler’s and one (double height) Nimbus Spacer

HRS Nimbus
Here they are in context to a standard (good) CD.

HRS Nimbus
Here is the big EDGE amp

HRS Nimbus
Here is a Nimbus (Spacer plus two Couplers) under one of the feet. No it isn’t exactly centered. You want to liff this 220lb thing to try to get that last 1/32 of an inch? Not me either.

HRS Nimbus
Here is another picture of the HRS Nimbus’es under the feet. Notice the dust under the amp that the added height now reveals. Everyone knows half the fun of having all this beautiful equipment is dusting and keeping it clean, right? Right?

Hurrumph. And it is not as if we can trust anyone else to clean it either. What a predicament. What a predicament.

Next … the Effect of Dust Bunnies on Soundstaging….

Oh, and the sound here with the Nimbus’ under the EDGE NL Reference feet is the same we experienced at the show – a more even treatment of the frequency spectrum, removing some of the edge and glare we were experiencing with bad recordings, especially DVD video.