Updated: May, 2010
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Coltrane Series
       Coltrane Supreme

Carbon fiber full-range loudspeaker with diamond midrange and tweeter. The ultimate musical-experience-in-a-box. The state-of-the-art loudspeaker that also happens to fit in almost any size room. Details...Our review...

$350,000.00 pair.

  Coltrane Momento

The Coltrane Momento is similar to the Coltrane Supreme, but comes in only one cabinet per channel, does not have an active bass (does not come with a 2000 watt amplifier), and does not have the 2 inch diamond midrange driver.

$165,000.00 pair.


Carbon fiber full-range loudspeaker with diamond tweeter. Extraordinary accurate yet musical speaker with all ceramic drivers except the diamond tweeter. Down-firing port allows placement in extremely small rooms. Special finishes: flaming maple, sebrano zebrawood. Weight: 106 Pounds. Details...

$70,000.00 pair.

  Coltrane Soprano

Carbon fiber mid-size full-range loudspeaker. Close to the performance of the Coltrane but for even smaller rooms.



The Coltrane series comes in high-gloss black with maple, cherry, walnut or oak front panels.

See our Marten gallery and catalog for photos and more information about these beautiful speakers.


Heritage Series
Near full-range speaker with the Marten high-quality and high-accuracy sound.

 $20,000.00 pair

  Miles III

Floor standing speaker with ceramic drivers. Accurate yet musical speaker in a room-friendly form-factor. Details...

$14,000.00 pair.

Stand mounted monitor. Details...

 $8,500.00 pair.

 Mate to the Duke, horizontal stand mounted monitor intended for use as a center channel speaker in a multi-channel system. Details...


  Form series: FormFloor, FormCentre, FormSub


 FormFloor: $6,500.00 pair

FormCentre: $3000.00

FormSub: $4500.00



A few more pictures of Marten speakers in
action. Here we see the Coltrane supremes
at CES 2006 and the Duke / Ellington at
 Stereophile 2005.





Coltrane series: Solid maple, cherry, walnut or oak.

Bird / Miles III / Duke: Maple, cherry or walnut high-gloss veneer. Black high-gloss lacquer.

Form Floor: Maple, cherry or walnut high-gloss veneer. Black or white high-gloss lacquer.

Form Centre: Maple, cherry or walnut high-gloss veneer. Black or white high-gloss lacquer.

Form Sub: Black high-gloss lacquer.

Duke stands, or Alice / Form Centre stand: Black high-gloss lacquer.



Speaker Stands
  Duke speaker stand
The speaker stand for the Duke speaker.

 $1,250.00 pair.
  Alice or FormCentre speaker stand

The stand for the Alice or FormCentre center channel speaker.



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