SOLD: Tara Labs The 0.5 interconnect

SOLD . Used Tara Labs The 0.5 interconnect. 0.6 meters, RCA. Original MSRP $6500, asking $2750 obo.

*MINT* condition, trade-in by original owner who is an extremely careful gentleman. With box and HFX grounding station.

Have more questions about the Tara cables? Send us an email (, or give Neli a call: 303.546.6503.

IMG_8482-tara-labs-the-0pt5-interconnect-closeup IMG_8475-tara-labs-the-0pt5-interconnect IMG_8476-tara-labs-the-0pt5-interconnect-box IMG_8477-tara-labs-the-0pt5-interconnect-box IMG_8478-tara-labs-the-0pt5-interconnect IMG_8481-tara-labs-the-0pt5-interconnect-power-pack