Audio Aero LaSource photos

The player is upwards of 50 lbs and very, very solid.

Closeup of the rear panel

Closeup of the remote control. The remote is not one of those massive metal remotes – which here in a cold climate, I am grateful for, personally.

The player does retain some of the classic Audio Aero styling.

Closeup of the front panel

The bottom of the player. Note that there is a small amount of ventilation there, but otherwise the thick metal of the chassis itself acts as a heat sink.

We wondered in the review whether these might be Stillpoints. Obviously they are not.

We recommend using different feet if you want to hear what this player actually sounds like [yes, extreme words but the shootout revealed there to be an extreme difference when we used 3 HRS Nimbus positioned underneath the chassis, and will send along a free set with every player we sell]