More on Number 4 Setup of the Powercord Shootout

We listened to this setup more this morning.

Even awake, which I was this morning, it was a very interesting sound with the Satori on the EmmLabs digital front end and the Elrod on the Edge amps.

The soundstage was quite different from the one we are used to, not at all like the suspension-of-disbelief transparency that makes one be able to squint one’s eyes and see the orchestra laid out in all its glory.

The instruments were indeed where they were supposed to be, but … it was like the information about how things were laid out In Relation To Each Other on The SoundStage was instead replaced with something else…

Now, this is going to sound weird… 🙂

But it was like it was replaced with information on how things were Related to Each Other in Purpose, or perhaps, to be a little more easy to understand as a strawman concept, Related to Each Other in Time instead of Space.

Listening to Radiohead, it was like each group of distinct notes, I do not know what they call them.. a riff perhaps, or a sub-melody, had its own life. But it was also related to the other riffs, connected by the key they are playing in, by the scale and rhythm they are all part of. And also by this point – counterpoint kind of plat that composers seem to use a lot, scripting riffs both in opposition and support of other riffs.

So, ANYway….

This system caused me, anyway, to be almost forced to be absorbed by these different aspects of the music as opposed to how I normally listen to music, which is to ‘see’ the musicians playing and hearing the music as it passes by, the words, the basic linear progression of the composition.

This is different from the ‘life’ or ‘psychadelic’ nature of the music which the Pranawire Satori added to the mix. And to think it was just adding them to the CDSD and DCC2 that made this change.

I told Neli at the time that it was like a geometric relationship now between the notes and ‘riffs’, but I do not want it to be confused with the traditional distance relationships that the images of the different notes have in a soundstage.

This is more like make visible the multi-dimensional relationships between notes, composed of tone, duration, texture, similarity of note envelope, etc. etc. and, yes, purpose – WHY those notes were composed to be there – as opposed to just where in the soundstage the musicians (or their notes, which may be located elsewhere do to those Wily Soundboarders) are located.

So two questions remain:

How do we get both the Real and this Uber Real in the same system?


How does a powercord, so far up in the chain, make such a difference?

Later, we put back the Shunyata powercords, one an old Python, on the Emm Labs, and the transparency and soundstaging was back to ‘Normal’.

Don’t know whether to be happy or sad.

So I’ll just be confused, instead.

And, yes, this was somewhat like our A funny thing happened on Planet Abraxus experience with the Coltrane Supremes at CES 2006.

But where that was a very ‘solid’ extra-dimensional relationship visualization experience, this was a more spiritual,…no, strike that, a more perceptive, deeper yet more ethereal experience…

We need to try the Satori, the Jorma Design ‘Prime’ and the Coltrane Supremes all together sometime…. Then maybe we can get Real, Perceptive and Solid Visuals all at the same time.

Can we handle it? [My daughter is a psych major – will she get her PHD in time? 🙂 ]