Audiophile's Guide: High-end Audio Used and Demo Equipment for sale

Dealer used and demo (specials, pre-owned, pre-loved) pages from around the web

Many things have changed since 2002 when this list was first compiled. For awhile Audiogon was ascendant. Then the Great Recession and massive changes at Audiogon resulted in it now being about one fourth the size it was a few years ago. Only about one third of the dealers in the original 2002 list are still with us – but these are posting more used and demo gear than ever on their own sites. This guide once again becomes very useful.

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Updated: August 24, 2016

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Dealer Used and Demo Audio pages:

Audio Federation (our own specials page!)
Audio Limits
HiFi Centre (Canada)
Eugene HiFi
GTT Audio
Target HiFi (Canada)
Upscale Audio
Music Lovers
Q Audio
Woodbridge Stereo
Sound Factor
Audio Classics
Hawthorne Stereo
Stereo Design
Recycled Audio
STO Sound & Vision
The Stereo Shop
Alternative Audio (Canada)
Advanced Audio
Genesis Audio
Audio Concepts
Audio Consultants
Audio Systems
Echo HiFi
Fred’s Sound of Music
Bradford’s Hi-Fi
Sound by Singer
Audio Revelation
Goodwin’s High End
The Analog Shop
Spearit Sound
Audio Vision SF
Audio Video Logic
Tweek Geek