Audiophile's Guide: Audio Equipment Racks, Stands, and Platforms

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Note that equipment racks affect the sound of your components, by transferring structure-borne and air-borne vibrations to the components in different ways, and many of these ways are detrimental to the sound the equipment produces. Muddiness [lack of clarity] and the in-ability to generate tight bass [bass overhang and untamable bass] are a few among many other often-seen negative affects of vibrations on the sound of your gear.

Please feel free to send links to any manufacturers of high-end audio equipment racks that we have missed.

Updated August, 2014.

Zoethecus, Acoustic Dreams, Standesign and Sound Organization racks [and others] are no longer with us. Once we figure out what to do with them [color them differently or create another ‘defunct racks’ page] we’ll do it.

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