The fastest browsers…

As you all know, Spintricity is a more modern magazine than your typical audiophile fare… Here is the latest chart, posted this Halloween, which makes it clear why we recommend all browsers EXCEPT Internet Explorer.

We still support IE, but we figure that everybody will have a fast browser soon [and IE may catch up eventually], just like we were the first [and still only?] site to put large photos in our show reports, figuring that most people were going to have broadband sooner or later and most of us want to SEE what is in the photo, not just get a hint or two.

And with the magazine, we figure people want to ENJOY their audiophile addiction, not just research it to death reading long-winded treatises trying to find the one or two WORDS about how it sounds and the subtle HINTS embedded here and there about any problems encountered…

I’m just saying

Not that there are any Audiophile magazines out there like this.



Somebody told me a few days ago that they saw each and every page of the 1800 page RMAF report. He uses the Google Chrome browser. I figure it takes about 10 minutes to cruise the entire report, less time than it takes to cruise most other reports: where you have to click on a page, scroll down down to the bottom, click on the link to the next page, wait, wait wait for it to load, scroll down down down to the bottom, click on the link to the next page…. of many other reports.

Since it only takes him 10 minutes, he can stop and zoom in on a photo, click on a link to visit a particular manufacturer’s site, and enjoy the process of seeing EVERYTHING that was at the show [course, this will make it take LONGER than 10 minutes to get through the report, but this will be spending that time the way HE wants to spend it].

Personally, I use FireFox most of the time, and sometimes Safari and Opera, sometimes Chrome. But IE? Might as well go back to dial up!

Recent Spintricity Photo Albums

For those of you with a monitor wider than 530 pixels…

Emm Labs XDS1 CD/SACD Player

Audio Note PALLAS interconnect

Several videos from CEDIA 2009

Milan Show coverage by Audiophile Bob

Milan Show coverage of Audio Note by Dave Cope

Our first exhibitor in the Online Audiophiles Show: Kevin’s Place

(we will put up the ‘turned on’ series of Emm labs XDS1 photos and some Nordost ODIN photos in the next day or two. And then it is off to RMAF!)

Free Ads on Spintricity?

One of the things I like doing the most is helping promote the hobby. I especially enjoy helping smaller manufacturers – in particular those that make less expensive but good sounding equipment for the money – get attention from the audiophile community [one of my favorite things about the show reports].

We have been offering people the opportunity to publish their press releases, for free, for the last few weeks – but press releases are hard to come up with, especially if you, like me, cannot tell the difference between press releases and advertising. Many people do not want to offend us sending us a advertisement when we asked for press releases only.

So we are going to fix that.

And, as we all know, the economy sucks [unless you are a bank, insurance company, or wall-street firm – or lobbyist or news channel for the same].

Now that the magazine is [almost :-)] usable we could go out and pound the pavement signing up advertisers just like all those other rags. But then we would just get the same ole same ole advertisers who can afford to pay for advertising and the other 98% of the industry would be left out of the party.

Well, that kind of small potatoes party is just not what Spintricity, who brings you 3000+ photo / 2200 page show reports, had in mind. We want 1000s of of brands to be able to present their products, services and story. Well, we want a lot anyway.

To that end, dear reader, we are trying to get everybody in our high-end audio wonderland to pony up one FULL-PAGE ad, which we will publish for free in each issue of Spintricity.

In this way we want to turn each issue of Spintricity into a show report-like cornucopia, a bonanza, a sh*t load if you will, of equipment, and information and photos about equipment – in addition to articles on the lives, times, and adventures in audiophiledom.

For those companies that can afford to do more, we will offer the ability to purchase additional pages, to purchase attention getters for their ads, and to purchase special ‘live webpage’ ads.

To assist with ads, you manufacturers who cannot afford to hire a graphics design firm, and don’t want to go completely bald [yes, you women too] trying to learn photoshop, you can select a photo from one of our show reports [or send us one of yours], send us some (small amount please!) text and we will make an ad for you.

This will be the policy for Spintricity for the forseeable future, and forever if things work out as we expect.


One last thing. A show report is coming right up. You know it. We know it. [Oh boy do we know it].

OK, yes, that would be RMAF 2009 [that is Rocky Mountain Audio Fest you search engine, you].

We create a separate, linkable article for each room at the show. In the article is several pages of photos. In amongst those photos we will run industry ads, for free, for products in that room. This will allow visitors to show report pages for the room to see tech spec sheets, ads, backgrounders, other products from the same brand, whatever.

This allows you, the reader, to see lots more (accurate and appealing) information about the equipment displayed in the room.

We will run 1 fullpage ad/spec sheet/whatever for each brand listed on the sign of the room. Exhibitors can purchase additional pages.

For those who can’t exhibit at the show – we will run your ad in the show report as per a normal issue. Not sure where we will put these if your equipment is not on display, but we’ll figure something out.

[I know I am talking to two different audiences in this post, the industry and audiophiles – and I am switching back and forth faster than a switching power supply – but, well, sorry about that].

Many in the industry read this blog – and we will be sending out emails to the others. But who reads emails [about 20%]? So you audiophiles need to coerce your favorite manufacturers to come up with an ad to publish in Spintricity. Remember: FULL-PAGE [any format] and lots of juicy take-no-prisoners graphics.


Email ad submissions to: