Twitter, FaceBook and Us

We are on Twitter at:

This will allow us to keep people up to date about Spintricity more frequently than here on the blog – and it will be more broadly focused as well.

We are also on FaceBook at:

Spintricity’s Group on FaceBook

We also have a Page over there – but the FaceBook software is so buggy, it is still kind of mucked up. Eventually we should be able to have each Spintricity article appear over there simultaneously [more or less] with its publication in the magazine.

Spintricity’s Page on FaceBook

Faster Spintricity

A major upgrade, especially for Internet Explorer users, should help things move along even faster than before.

The table of contents is now displayed in a sidebar – but it looks better without it, so once you get comfortable [which most of YOU already are] then I suggest closing it and using the popup version [now looking like an eyeball icon in the toolbar].

Please let us know if you have any feedback.

In a few weeks we’ll be doing another upgrade, and that upgrade will improve the text formatting engine so that it will be closer in appearance to the print magazines [and make it easier for me to create fancier articles, allowing me to concentrate more on the actual writing while looking better at the same time]