Cessaro Horn Acoustics at Munich High-end 2019

Neli, Florian and I heard the Cessaro Beta II loudspeakers and Air II amplifier at the Munich High-end show May 12, 2019 , which I recorded in 24bit x 96kHz.

This was right after our visit to the Silbatone / Western Electric horn room and we were a little underwhelmed here [implying that at another time, this might have been more impressive to our ears]. Neli did like it enough the first day that she worked hard to make sure we all got to hear this room the last day.

There is a giant basshorn in the middle behind the equipment rack which was as hard to see in real life as it is here in the photos and video [it was a dark room].

Photos at: https://ultimist.com/experiences/shows/munich-2019/2019/06/02/cessaro-horn-acoustics-at-munich-high-end-2019/


Silbatone and giant Western Electric horn speakers – Munich High-end 2019

On the last day at Munich, Neli, Florian (Hi Florian!) and I went around to exhibits and rooms together. This was the first room we visited. There is an intro followed by music by Depeche Mode and not sure who recorded in 24bit, 96kHz.

Very big, dynamic sound. Not the best at communicating subtleties like emotion [which theoretically could be ameliorated by paying close attention to the upstream components like cables and vibration control].

We’re putting the photos over on Ultimist (Silbatone and giant Western Electric speakers):


Vincent Belanger ft. Audio Note U.K. at Munich HiFi Deluxe 2019 part 2

Recorded in 24bit, 96khz on May 11, 2019 at the Munich Marriott during Hifideluxe 2019.

Vincent was accompanied by, well, Vincent being played back from a laptop into an Audio Note U.K. stereo consisting of:

1. X? a prototype Level 5 DAC (on the Fifth Element DAC platform with Fifth Force power supply) with a brand new very bold architecture which is a big departure from what anyone has tried before and a clear advancement of the state-of-the-art
2. AN/E SEC Signature speakers (on “J” stands)
3. Ongaku Kensei stereo 211 power amplifier
4. M9 phono preamplifier
5. TT3 turntable with Arm Three/2 and IO1 cartridge and S9 step-up transformer
6. CDT-Six transport