Specials: Triangle Art Maestro turntable package for sale

Triangle Art Maestro turntable for sale, beautiful Satin Black plinth and motor pod, with Chrome platter. Outstanding, as-new condition. MSRP $7500, for the turntable itself. (Dagogo)

Special demo package sale, with Triangle Art’s reference level, magnetic bearing, Osiris Mk II 12″ tone arm (MSRP $6990, not shown) and Zeus MC cartridge (MSRP $3995) (Fremer).

Package price $11,500 plus shipping by freight carrier, in original crate. Delivery and setup available in the San Francisco Bay area.

Note: the factory picture below is in a different finish, and the ‘table does not include the acrylic shelf shown in that image. We like Triangle Art’s turntables on Harmonic Resolution Systems’ isolation bases.

More questions?  Give Neli a call or text: 303.546.6503, or send us an email: mike+neli@audiofederation.com


The Zeus cartridge .



What it would look like if completely assembled in a different finish and with a different arm.

Specials: Triangle Art Master Reference turntable with tonearm and cartridge

Dealer demo Triangle Art Master Reference turntable with tonearm and cartridge for sale.

Wonderful balance of musicality and detail. Gorgeous to look at. Massive but modular construction makes it straightforward to move and set up.

Triangle Art Master Reference turntable, Gold and Black Nickel finish $39,900.00 (review)
Triangle Art Osiris Mk II 12” makassar ebony tone arm $6990.00
Triangle Art Apollo MC Onyx stone body phono cartridge $8000.00 (review)

Original retail $54,980, asking $35,000 OBO. Excellent condition, with original crates. Includes second TriangleArt armboard, should you wish to mount a second arm, and TriangleArt’s special heavy record clamp.

More questions: Give Neli a call or text: 303.546.6503, or send us an email: mike+neli@audiofederation.com


DAC Reviews: Audio Note and EMM Labs from Dagogo and SoundStageUltra

Couple o’ great reviews out there on the good parts of the Internet…

Constantine Soo at Dagogo posted a nice review of the Audio Note Fifth Element/Fifth Force DAC. At some point we will post some extra photos from that review as well.

Aron Garrecht at Sound Stage Ultra posed a nice review of the EMM Labs DV2 DAC-Preamplifier. Although our associated gear here is almost the polar opposite of Aron’s we have more or less the same opinion of the sonic signature of the DV2 [how cool is that?!].

[As I post here and elsewhere and read posts from everywhere – I am so often amazed at how people can write such large amounts of content – and similarly how people have the patience to read it. Rarely can I do either].

The DV2 has as it’s forte the ability to render music with subtleties and musicality that no other solid-state DAC approaches [weird, huh? most seem to focus on sonic fireworks and extensive feature-sets] but is a little less dynamic than some [careful vibration control helps].

The Fifth Element + Fifth Force doesn’t sound like a ‘DAC’ at all – can take on mid-price [$30K-50K, say] turntables and is comparable enough [but different! but in a OKAY way] that the only reason to play vinyl anymore is the ‘nostalgic experience’ of it – and makes one take a good hard look at the ‘slacker components’ in the rest of the system and wonder… .

In other words: It is the F*** You DAC.

Stay safe and stay healthy, everyone!