Audio Federation (Acapella, Audio Note, HRS) plays Over The Rainbow at Capital Audiofest 2019

Continuing our “Any audio show on the COVID 19 desert island is a GREAT audio show” coverage (and Capital Audiofest is our current favorite audio show, anyway) ….even if the report *is* 5 months late… 🙂

Audio Federation (Acapella Campanile 2 speakers, Audio Note DAC 5 Signature, HRS SXR equipment rack) plays Over The Rainbow at Capital Audiofest. Recorded in 24×96 in metro Washington D.C. on Nov. 3, 2019.


Audio Federation at Capital Audiofest 2019

Continuing our COVID-19 high-fidelity vaccine to help keep the virus (or at least island fever) at bay…

Recorded in glorious 24×96.

This video may be blocked in Germany and the U.K. because of this song

Copyrighted content: Carpenters – Top Of The World (1973 Remix)

Sorry! But the rest of us get to hear it, along with:

Stairway To Heaven
Tiny Tim, Brave Combo
For a ‘cover’ this is pretty good…!

From the ridiculous to the sublime…

Seems like life these days is highlighting tremendous gulf between the ridiculous (human folly run rampant in all its horrific sociopathic glory) and the sublime (human art, oh how plentiful and accessible, and oh, how beautiful!).

Just taking a moment to listen to some of the art…. to REALLY listen… [ Neli is playing an opera, the first half of which was featured last night on Tuesday Night at the Opera on KSFR Santa Fe hosted by one of us audiophile types… (Hi Darryl!) ]

Audio Note UK Gaku-On amplifiers, M9 Phono preamplifier, DAC 5 Signature, and S9 Step-up transformer and EMM NS1 streamer, all on a HRS VXR equipment rack.

Acapella Apollon speakers, Triangle Art Master Reference turntable.


And the music … listening again today, to the 24/96 recording from Qobuz (also on Tidal):