Audio Federation, Acapella Audio Arts, Audio Note UK, Harmonic Resolution Systems – California Audio Show 2017

And now we come to our exhibit room at the CAS 2017.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit our room and take a listen. We could not have wished for a better welcome from our new local community. Seriously, you all are awesome. Please come visit, it would be so much fun to see all of you more often.

Thanks also to Constantine [show organizer extraordinaire], Chris [security and all-round helpful guy], and Alex [hotel general manager and, we suspect, a potential audiophile ;-)]

Neli swapping CDs…

The system was centered around some interesting artwork that came with the room [a deer with a really crazy shadow?]. Neli thought it worked great though we both usually prefer more vibrant colors…

Somebody [not me, name starts with ‘N’] decided to organize the giant CD folder late Thursday night before the show :-O


The Acapella Cellini speakers have a wonderfully artistic industrial design – but can really rock out [as many people can attest – both Hermann and Neli, and even I for several songs of the rock & roll genre, have a tendency to have a heavy finger on the volume control]

Lucy Valea-Winters [Hermann’s wife] brought and professionally setup the roses. [Thanks Lucy :-)]

The Audio Note UK CDT Five transport and DAC Five Signature DAC. We ran Acapella’s forthcoming LaMusika music server through the [“fabulous”as Neli puts it] DAC Five Sig.

The purplely glow of the Acapella ion [plasma] tweeter.

The Acapella La Musika integrated amplifier is on the bottom shelf of the HRS [harmonic resolution systems] SXR equipment rack

Yes. We play CDs. In this case on one of the best CD transports in the world.

The view of the system from the side where Neli spent most of the show.

Our poster is shiny, unfortunately, but we’ve had it seemingly for-ev-er, and have grown fond of it.

We got to meet several wonderful couples at this show.

Hermann Winters [Acapella Audio Arts] being the masterful DJ.

The show is over. Turn out the lights.

Ah. The show has only moved. 😉

Hope to see everybody here at our “show away from the show” in Palo Alto. But, if you find you can’t make it, then we hope to see you next year at CAS 2018!

Acapella and Audio Federation at California Audio Show 2017

Acapella Audio Arts and Audio Federation at California Audio Show 2017.

The show is coming right up!

This is the ad we are running featuring Acapella. We are also showing with Audio Note [who also has another room at the show].

We will be on the 1st floor in Boardroom V. It is a large room, and we are trying to get some sofas for the room.

We like sofas in our rooms at shows. Why? Because they are more comfortable than the somewhat uncomfortable chairs typical at shows.

Yeah, sometimes it puts your ears and a height that is slightly below optimal – but it allows a person to rest and relax after wandering the show for several hours.

And… This can lead to listening for longer periods of time. We believe we have a competitive advantage in that the longer people listen the more they will hear the difference between the sound in our room [assuming it doesn’t suck, and it usually doesn’t :-)] and that in other rooms.

In any case, it should be fun 🙂


Audio Federation at CAS 2017

[Yes, we are going to Newport 2017 this Spring as well, and I’ll post where we will be when the powers that be (Neli) tell me the details :-)]

Here we are in the wonderful world where there is a show that is only 20 minutes away. 🙂

Although CAS skipped a year, it is back in force and we are signed up for one of the larger rooms on the first floor of the building where the vast majority of exhibit rooms will be.

It is now in Oakland, at the Hilton, with plenty of parking and rooms that do not have air conditioners or heaters where equipment is supposed to go [unlike most of the other shows, shows where you eventually just learn to sit on the thing while plugging cables into the back of the gear].




This is the hotel layout and where the rooms are located.


This is the room we are in. The front wall backs to the outside. So we will not disturb anybody if we play it a little LOUD [unless, however, our neighbors on the other side of the rear wall are too loud for our listeners to bear . in which case we will flip the room the other way. ]


Hmmm, maybe we should just put the system on the long wall, on the left, also an outer wall. You know, there is hardly ever any choice when we setup rooms about where the system should go. This is a such wealth of choices here [we, (well me anyway, haven’t talked to Neli about this recently), have been looking more favorably at long wall setups than we used to. Letting the sound breathe on the sides helps clarity and macrodynamics, and clarity OF macrodynamics :-)]

We’ve been wanting to go to this show for years and years. Every year we would talk and talk about it. One or the other of us would always not be able to make it. This is awesome.