The Guide to all High-end Audio Racks

We updated, modernized, and moved the Audiophile’s Guide to the Galaxy’s guide toĀ High-end Audio Racks.

This is a pictorial guide of all the brands of all of the high-end audio equipment racks we were able to find. We chose a few prime examples from the manufacturer if they made more than one kind of rack.

We are still working on making it look cool and awesome [and pretty], but it is not so bad right now šŸ™‚

Many racks are no longer being made, but people do still buy and sell [trade] them. So we may end up making another page of ‘dead racks’ in the future. Anybody interested in this?

At first I thought there weren’t that many racks out there. Then I discovered there were more than I knew. But, now, later, I am back to thinking there are not that many after all.

Most are just ways to get the gear off the floor so you can run 1 meter cables between it all. How else would we make this work? Laying flat on the floor? Then it would take some mental energy to figure out just the right layout to make all those 1m cables reach. Makes my brain hurt.

Just seems like one of those necessities of [audiophile] life – but few people talk about these things.

There are a few that tout this or that technological advantage, that they either don’t muck up the sound or, a very few, say they can even improve the sound.

Some are beautiful. MostĀ are… less so.

Some are heavy. Some are not.

Anyway, the Audiophile’s Guide is a easy way to see everything that is available [know of one we missed? Let us know! Please!].