RMAF 2012 – Day 2

Things I liked – mostly quite inexpensive speakers in the $3K range – and other things that stood out for me.

Schroder Pivoted Linear tracker tonearm o THE BEAT Magdrive turntable in room 1126 [neli spent a lot of time here. Do we finally have plug-n-play linear tracking? … coolness]

Tube Research Lab’s DUDE preamp in room 1102 [neli says NO but, dude, how can WE not like this?]

Studio Electric in room 1000 [their Monitors really come into their own on these stands. Very enjoyable and engrossing.]

PranaFidelity in room 9010 [Steven Norber’s new speakers on an inexpensive system – heard the monitors and very well-behaved, open and dynamic]

Odyssey Audio in room 9000 [another inexpensive system, best we’ve heard Odyssey at this show – enjoyable and accessible]

Small Vivid speakers in the Ayre room 9002 [cute/awesome Vivid speakers in a room with a startlingly non-show like decor. And they play Smashing Pumpkins on vinyl.]

The new Wilson Audio Alexia speaker in room 2030

Sorry for the relatively bad quality – the VTL room prohibits me taking photos this year – maybe prohibiting everyone taking photos, don’t know – and so the 1st Alexia photo is cropped from a large photo of the entire VTL system that I took before I was shooed away and the 2nd was taken as I was quickly exiting stage right.

The new Wilson Audio Alexia speaker in orange in room 2030 [seriously, is the best speaker color ever or what?]

A bunch of stuff on Von Schweikert VR-22 speakers [not exactly well-behaved but another big, open, dynamic fun sound on inexpensive speakers] in room 2000

Peachtree Audio on Zu Audio speakers [like the VR 22 room but a little edgy-er, tighter sound] on the Mezzanine in Maroon Peak

Audio Power Labs [an interesting listen. Need to go back] on the Mezzanine in Pikes Peak

Vivid speakers in the TweekGeek room [neli says they were playing some unique vinyl here that had the system sounding quite good. I heard it with the laptop … oh well]… on the mezzanine in Longs Peak

Someone must of let Danny Kaey out… [ 🙂 ]

Very ambitious piano playing with both better sound and, frankly, better music selection than most rooms IMHO. Nice. Sponsored by Ray Kimber / IsoMike.

The undulating carpet outside the isoMike room was causing people to either get seasick a 1000 miles from the ocean or lose their footing and tumble down onto the carpet. [or both. View this fullscreen if you do not believe :-)]

This demo created a wide soundstage, very open and dynamic – kind of like what Audio Note achieves by putting speakers in the corners – albeit with the limitations one might expect from modest speakers like this – … But I wish they would make it look nicer. (the clue) room 1026

Light Harmonic CD player in room 1014.

Veloce, YG Acoustic, Kubala-Sosna in room 1007. Interesting but more listening required.

Winners of the cool tube category competition. NAT amps in room 1114

RMAF 2012 – day 1

Things you might want to check out…

Esoteric and Cabasse in the conifer 1 room [behind the registration desk… kind of]

Sorry, but I got a kick out of this Audio Limits lamp in the Primrose room [also on the 1st floor, at the end of the hall extending from the atrium]

Tektron in 446

The headphone area seemed about twice as big as last year [or was that the year before?]. Anyway, lots to see here.

Estelon with Vitus in 517

Hsu Research in 510 was a very well-balanced inexpensive system

Bob Carver, Analysis Plus, in 506

The Rethm room in 501 keeps improving dramatically each year to the point where it is one of the better sounds at the show that I heard today

Sonist and Snake River Audio in 549

Ginko Audio, Wells Audio, DanaCable in 427

The new Feickert Firebird turntable in 423

SVS’s largest subwoofer, in room 441

Line Magnetic’s LM-219 IA integrated amp in room 578

Audio Note’s new outboard turntable power supply in room in room 566

Gershman Acoustics displayed several new speakers n room 555

GTT Audio with YG Acoustics Anat III without the bass units on a Accuphase and Veloce front end this year (instead of the Soulution and a hard disc drive last year) in room 535

Audio Note at RMAF 2012

Audio Note will have a room at RMAF again this year. Audio federation [us!] will not for the first time ever.

The Audio Note room will feature:

Speakers: AN-E SEC Silver, Slate finish. These are one step below the SEC Signature, with internal crossover.
Turntable: TT2 Deluxe, with external power supply, along with Arm3v2, IOI and S4
DAC: DAC 3.1x/II
Preamp: M3 Phono
Transport: CD4.1x will act as a transport
Tomei Kinsei 25 watt 211 SE power amplifier, parts like the Tomei, architecture like the Gaku-On, but with a single power tube per channel: fully transformer coupled, all directly heated triodes, XLR inputs only. 2 x NOS 6V6, 2 x VT4C/211, 2 x 5R4WGB


Empress Silvers. These are all-copper Kageki. The Neiro is the half copper half silver Kageki.

Cabling: the new ISIS interconnects and speaker cable:

ISIS cables… The New Copper Reference

The recently introduced ISIS Reference Copper interconnect cables have been an enormous success, redefining many listeners’ expectations of what was possible with a copper cable. As a result, we have decided to expand the Reference Copper range, and we now present the ISIS LX168 loudspeaker cable and the ISIS Mains cable.

This is not only first true Reference Copper loudspeaker cable in the History of Audio Note (UK) it is also a departure from a design perspective. Previously, all of our cables were intended to be configured with four separate cables per side for true bi-wire configuration, or two separate cables per side for single wire configuration. ISIS LX168 – thanks to its large strand count and 8 True Litz conductor design – can be used in a variety of cost effective and high performance configurations: single cable / single wire, single cable / biwire, twin cable / single wire, twin cable / biwire, quad cable / biwire.

ISIS Interconnects
Audio Note (UK) is proud to announce the introduction of a new reference copper interconnect, named ISIS.

As LEXUS can be seen as a copper version of SOGON, so ISIS is a copper version of or flagship interconnect SOOTTO, sharing its geometry and design. Never before has a copper cable offered this level of performance, and it will undoubtedly delight and surprise you in equal measure.