Some Montreal 2006 Show report pictures are up

For those that can’t wait, we are steadily putting up the pictures now – but there is no commentary to speak of and the photos are in a very high-resolution format. These pages will take some time to load. Some pictures may be removed, some added as the report evolves.

After most of the pictures are up we will then add commentary.

Finally we will make a average resolution format version (like the CES 2006 show report) and a low resolution version. We might make these lower res versions earlier if I get a chance to automate the process a little bit better than what Photoshop offers.

Many thanks to Dave Clark at Positive Feedback for pointing out the Photoshop batch processing feature. Just wish the feature worked better….but that’s photoshop for you.

Oh, the high-res report starts here.

Show report Corrections and Commentary

Please, everyone, show goers as well as exhibitors, you are welcome to submit your room equipment details and whatever other comments along with the Photo ID number of the picture the comments are associated with. Either post it to the blog or email us directly. Some exhbitors have helped us out with equipment details in previous reports and we are happy to post equipment lists. Commentary in the past has only been Neli’s and mine… but we are willing to try something new (other people’s comments will be clearly marked).

To determine a photo ID number right click on the picture(s) of the room’s picture in Internet Explorer and select Properties from the menu. The photo ID number is the “IMG_xxxx” number at the end of the Adress (URL).

Our show reports focus on sound and pictures. The names of equipment and their prices is of lessor priority to us (we consider it to be more or less brochureware) – but many of our guests do enjoy that stuff too.


Le Festival Son & Image 2006 is History

“The Music’s over. Turn out the lights.”

The truth is even more bizarre than just ‘lights out’.

We woke up this morning, packed up, and left Montreal for home. As we left, we glanced into the rooms and hallways that for the last 3 days contained Brinkmanns and Kharmas and ELACs and 100s of avid audiophiles – playing all kinds of wonderful music – now sitting stark quiet, empty, and with beds and dressers looking for all intents and purposes like empty hallways and ordinary hotel rooms. Shoulda taken a photo just to show you all just how weird and dead things looked – but we were packed and it was time to ‘vacate the premises’.

The show report should be done in a few days, …we hope. We took 2400 photos (13 CDROMs worth), about the same as for CES 2006, but this show was, I *guestimate*, only about 1/3 the size of CES. So hopefully we will be able to go into more depth on a room by room basis.

We’ll see.,,,