California Audio Show 2019 – Boardroom Five

We will be in Boardroom V again this year at the California Audio Show in Oakland.

A little bit of a change up from last year:

Speakers: Acapella Audio Arts Campanile 2

Amplifiers: Audio Note Kegon (18 watt 300B SET amplifiers)

Music Server: Acapella Audio One

Transport: Audio Note CDT-Five

DAC: EMM Labs DV2 (with proprietary digital domain volume control)

Preamp: Audio Note M9 Phono

Equipment Rack: Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) SXR 3×2 side-by-side rack with M3X2 isolation bases and Nimbus and Vortex footers

Cables: A mix of Audio Note and Acapella

Hope to see you all there!